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The first step to getting your laundry cleaned is contacting us and making
arrangements for us to pick up your laundry at a time most convenient for you. You can do this by simply ordering our services on-line or by calling us. Bianca service is there for you 24/7.


The next step is taking over your laundry. Our drivers will be at your address at exactly the agreed time and in this way will save your time and nerves by sparing you the drive. All you have to do is to call us.


In the process of washing and drying we use professional and semi-professional machines. Each piece of clothing is carefully treated with
quality commercial products. We are equipped with products especially
intended for removing stains, without damaging the fabric.


Ironing is performed with state-of-the-art professional irons and roller that are operated by a qualified staff. Ironed laundry is carefully folded and packed according to your instructions, subject to multiple quality controls.


By delivering cleaned, neatly packed and fresh smelling laundry to your home address at a time convenient for you, we round up our service. You are spared the task of picking up your laundry and we make sure that your laundry reaches your closets in the best possible condition.

In the process of washing and drying we use smaller capacity semi-professional machines (up to 7 kg) and larger capacity professional machines (over 10 kg)

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Bianca Loyalty Card Program offers regular discounts to our most loyal customers. All you have to do is to fill out the form confirming your consent to the discount and select your discount rate for the next service.

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Ironing is performed with modern professional steam generators (irons) and a professional roller that are serviced by a highly qualified staff

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We offer dry cleaning services for your garments. We guarantee quality services as we use modern machines and eco-friendly products that are safe for the environment and human health.

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Bianca spares your free time! Put your trust in us and free yourself from the boring and strenuous jobs of washing and ironing your home laundry.

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Bianca Laundry Service opened in April 2006 and has since been developing slowly and patiently, as a small family business. We try to meet all the needs of our customers and to reward their loyalty and trust with the quality of our services. Buy your free time is the maxim we have associated ourselves with from the very beginning.

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BIANCA – YOUR RELIABLE BUSINESS PARTNER! Bianca Laundry Service offers washing, ironing and laundry delivery to hospitality facilities, hotels, clinics, wellness centers, catering businesses, event centers, beauty salons…

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Bianca Laundry Service has specialized vehicles for transporting dirty and clean clothes. All you have to do is call Bianca’s call center, schedule a pick-up or delivery time, and then wait for our drivers to arrive at the given address. We are here for you 24 hours a day – seven days a week!
Delivery (picking up laundry and returning it to your address) - 550 din. !!

  1Ironing – Blazer/Jacket (per item)350
  2Ironing – Dress (per item)350,00
  3Washing, drzing, ironing - Shirts (per item)350
  4Washing, drying, ironing – Trench coats (per item)900
  5Ironing – Shorts (per item)350
  6Washing and drying – Vest thick (per item)750-900
  7Washing, drying, ironing – pants with border (per item)550,00
  8Washing, drying, ironing – Polo shirts (per item)250
  9Washing and drying – pillow, small, synthetic (per item)350
10Washing and drying – Ski pants (per item)900

Here you can take complete PRICE LIST FOR LAUNDRY SERVICES

All prices are in RSD
  3Laundry washing & drying (up to 5 kg)950
  1Ironing laundry with a roller (1kg)390,00
  2Ironing laundry with an iron (1 kg)630
  4Ironing – shirts (per item)240
  5Washing & drying – stuffed thin jacket 600,00
  6Washing and drying – blanket, comforter950,00
  7Wash & dry – double blanket, comforter1300
  8Washing & drying – pillow, small, synthetic350
  9Washing, drying, ironing – draperies (kg)200
10 Washing, drying, ironing – thin curtain (m2) 165

here you can take complete PRICE LIST FOR LAUNDRY SERVICES

All prices are in RSD
  1Men’s suit1.200,00
  2Men's suit jacket600,00
  3Women's skirt 600,00
  4Dress, silk, no sleeves800,00
  5Wedding gown3.000,00
  6Ski suit 1.000,00
  9Blanket, wool1.000,00
10Jacket with feather1.200,00

here you can take complete PRICE LIST FOR DRY CLEANING SERVICES

All prices are in RSD



Our long-term regular customers are satisfaction enough for our endeavors to become acknowledged as a Belgrade brand. Our clients recognize the quality we offer, and we have recognized consistency and punctuality as being the traits respected in significantly more developed Western countries. That’s how we arrived at our maxim – we get no complaints.

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