WASHING AND DRYING | Laundry Service Bianca EN

In the process of washing and drying we use smaller capacity semi-professional machines (up to 7 kg) and larger capacity professional machines (over 10 kg). After sorting dirty laundry according to their care instructions, color and type of fabric, we treat them with commercial retail products available on our market (Ariel, Bonux, Lenor, Ornel). We are equipped with special products for removing different types of stains without damaging the fabric. The machines are filled to the optimum level, depending on how dirty the laundry is. Each customer’s laundry is washed separately, without mixing with laundry of our other customers.

In drying, special care is paid to the type of laundry being dried, in order to adjust the operating temperature to the care instructions. As a rule, laundry comes out of the drier softer and fresher. Call us and check out our quality.


The choice of products is up to you. If you opt for our “classic” service, your laundry will be treated and washed with Ariel and Lenor or Ornel. Naturally, we wish to satisfy all your requests, so you can decide which softener or detergent you want used, for the same price, off course. Tablecloths, table runners and other articles used in restaurants are on request starched, as well as pieces of clothing brought in by natural persons. In our business, we come across a wide variety of stains. We are therefore equipped with special products intended for removal of different stains, without damaging the fabric. This particularly applies to restaurants and beauty salons which we service, and which demand high quality services. We will stop explaining further, as every artisan has his little secret. We will only hint that we purchase our products from the most developed European countries and from the United States of America. Ourexperience has shown that there is no stain that can resist our treatment. Try us and see for yourself.

However, we must disassociate ourselves from something. Many people expect old stains that have been ironed many times to disappear after being treatedwith one of the products. Why this is impossible can be simply explained: washing machines wash at temperatures up to 95 ºC, while some irons produce temperatures of over 200 ºC! A stain that has been thermally treated in this way is very hard to remove, even with the most sophisticated chemicalproducts which we use.